Friday, 10 December 2010

When Politicians Lie ...

... police pay the price ...

... as a new generation learns that British democracy isn't working.


  1. And this is all about raising the tuition for school, right?!

  2. Until very recently we, like most of Europe, had a publicly funded university education system. Until fairly recently this was free to the students, as it was seen as an investment in the nation's skills which was of national benefit.

    The previous government introduced student fees as a way to 'top up' the public funding of university tuition. The current government has cut all public funding for the vast majority of university courses, effectively moving to a privatised system akin to that in the US. The result is expected to be an approximate tripling of the fees students pay, to make up the shortfall.

    The bitterness in this debate arises from the fact that the current government is a coalition between the Conservative party and the Liberal Democrats. The Conservatives made no mention of privatising university education before the election, and have spun heavily to avoid presenting it as such since.

    But the Lib-Dems not only promised before the election to abolish tuition fees if they had power, but every single Lib-Dem MP personally pledged to vote against any attempt to raise them, whether they were in power or not. Yet, in the event, more than half of them either voted for fees to be tripled, or took the cowards' way out and abstained.

    Since a lot of students voted for Lib-Dems because of this pledge, they are extremely angry. And since the Lib-Dem leadership appear to assume that enough people will have forgotten about this by the next election, then many are also thoroughly disillusioned about British democracy. There's no point in voting if elected MPs can get away with such cynical dishonesty.

    Hence angry students on the streets. And hence the police get caught in the middle whilst the politicians who caused the problem hide away in the corridors of Westminster, telling the press how awful the violence is. Personally, I wonder what the alternative is: when voting makes no difference, and when peaceful protest makes no difference, then what do they expect to happen?

  3. Well I can understand why the students are up in arms. The Conservatives there sound as sleazy as the Republicans here. Makes me wonder why folks over there would vote for the Conservatives. But what am I saying, our citizens are just as forgetful and dumb as yours. :) But why are they taking this out on Charles and Camilla when there are REAL culprits. It's like blaming Obama for what Republicans have done! :)

    You're probably just waking as I'm writing this: You and your family have the best Christmas ever along with the most fulfilling New Year! Our friendship continues to be enjoyable and educational (for me) as well!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, BlackPhi!!

  4. Charles & Camilla were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Basically, whoever was planning their journey messed up.

    Happy New Year to you too, Capt!