Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Warning: Nude Churchgoers

I got an email today from Blogger informing me that there is an upcoming change in their content policy which may affect my account: "we'll no longer allow blogs that contain sexually explicit or graphic nude images or video." Their records apparently indicate that my account may be affected by this policy change.

This was a bit of a surprise, as I try to keep this blog family/workplace-friendly. The only image I can remember using even vaguely close to a "sexually explicit or graphic nude" was one which was supposed to represent a 1920's style flapper (shown on the right, click to see the context).

Then I remembered my old 'angry blog' that I did for a couple of months six or seven years ago. So, after a bit of a struggle to find it, I went and looked at that.

The language is somewhat dubious, but the imagery is, if anything, even less graphic. The most revealing picture is a young woman on a beach in a bikini (with a peach photoshopped over her head - you have to be a certain age, I suspect, to get the reference on that one). I won't post that picture here, because it is meaningless without the text, and the text belongs over there not over here.

I feel rather disappointed in myself. If Blogger feel the need to send me a warning email I really ought to have something somewhere to be warned about.

So here's a picture from Vic the Vicar's blog, containing lots of nudes. It looks pretty graphic to me:

A commenter, Mark, added the caption suggestion: "Best sermon on sacrificial giving ever!".


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